6 Tactical yet practical standalone flashlight techniques

While weapon mounted lights are increasingly the norm, carrying around a broad selection of low/no-light shooting skills in your toolbox will keep you well-lit in even the darkest of situations. Going back to the era of the old town watch of Colonial times, which employed men who were armed with a sword or polearm and a lantern, it has always been preferable for those wandering about in sometime perilous conditions to have both a weapon for self-defense and some portable… Read More

If you follow the EDC lifestyle, you aren’t ready without a trauma kit

One thing often tragically neglected by people who think they are prepared is the ability to respond to a serious causality incident, where a trauma kit and some knowledge of how to use it can save lives– even your own. If the terrible events of the past several days have proven anything is that you can expect the unexpected to rear its horrible head when and where you least anticipate. In a world of domestic and international terrorism, if you… Read More

The allure of the ‘truck gun’ and why it’s not that bad of an idea

As in a carpenter’s workshop, every firearm in your collection should have a purpose and, despite naysayers, the role of the humble “trunk gun” can be among the most important. First off, let’s talk about just what is this beast that we call a truck gun? Historically speaking, these firearms have their roots in the “coach guns” going back to the 1700s when smooth roads and horse-drawn coaches with steel springs enabled travelers to go on extended trips in relative… Read More

A half-dozen Every Day Carry fixed blade knives under $125

Odds are, if you like guns you love knives and we are here to give you the sharp info on a few of the better everyday carry blades fixed blades out there to tag along on your travels without breaking the bank. Methodology An EDC fixed blade for this installment is a knife that can accomplish all your classic “penknife” or “pocketknife” tasks– cutting a thread or cord, trimming fingernails, touching up a shave in a pinch, cutting an apple,… Read More

Keeping your firearms high and dry: Hurricane and flood prep for your guns

A lifetime spent building a personal firearm collection can be gone in an instant if enough water makes its way into your life, but some careful planning beforehand can prevent that. Luckily, with most hurricanes and tropical storms, there is a warning lead time that can range from days to even weeks, allowing gun owners to prepare for their collection. For those who live in low lying areas or in regions prone to flash floods, it may be best to… Read More

Castle nuts: To stake or not to stake, that is the question

A vital yet simple to accomplish task in an AR build is making sure that the castle nut keeping the receiver extension and lower receiver end plate is secured in place, and regardless of what you have heard, this is a very easy task. What is it? The castellated nut, also called a castle nut or slotted nut, gets its name from its resemblance to the top of a medieval castle tower or keep due the notches cut into the… Read More

Suppressor care and maintenance: Keeping your quiet time in check

Regardless of whether you call them silencers, suppressors or mufflers, these Class III sound moderators have never been more popular but come with their own host of special considerations to keep them plugging along. While there has never been a shortage of improvised firearm suppressors throughout history, Hiram Percy Maxim patented his purpose-built “Silencer” in 1909 and the world hasn’t looked back. Regulated under the National Firearms Act since 1934, in the past several years the devices have exploded in… Read More

Putting your EDC on a weight loss program for the summer

With the “dog days” of summer upon us, the weight of the things we carry every day seems to multiply, which is why a program to slice the ounces from your pockets can help lighten your step. Summer clothing, where the t-shirts, shorts, and flippy floppies begin to replace the more temperate wardrobe choices the rest of the year, leaves fewer options for close concealment and less pocket room to store those needed extras. With that in mind, let’s compare… Read More

Fully loaded: Should you carry with a round in the chamber?

Ever since the first repeating handguns hit the market the debate has ensued on carrying said hog leg on a loaded chamber, and here is the subject from both sides of the argument to help steer you in the right direction. The problem Early revolvers, which had a firing pin directly on the hammer, often had a “half-cock” or hammer notch in the cylinder to keep it from resting on the pin of a centerfire cartridge or the percussion cap… Read More

Breaking in that new AR-15 barrel like a champ

Grabbing that fresh-out-of-the-box AR and dropping a few rounds downrange is not going to give you an idea of what the barrel of that rifle is going to produce until it gets a proper break in– and here’s how to do it right. Why break in a barrel Modern firearm barrels are a thing of beauty, especially with today’s world of CNC machines and ISO9000 practices making it easy to produce repeatable high-quality results even in small scale. Gone are… Read More