What to look for in building the best gun cleaning kit

Among the extended global family that is united by gun culture, you will find tribal elders with comprehensive cleaning kits built over years of wisdom learned the hard way– and we have some of those secrets to get you ahead of the learning curve. Assembling a functional gun cleaning kit is one of the rites of passage for any firearms enthusiast and it is often done with trial and error over years, with the items more frequently used often replaced… Read More

Booger hook off the bang switch: How proper trigger discipline is good for you and those around you

A surprising amount of those harmed in what are chalked up as firearm shooting accidents are actually the result of negligent discharges stemming from poor trigger discipline, which is something that is 100 percent avoidable. Gun safety is a matter of honor that goes back to the age of the Renaissance when early arquebusiers– soldiers skilled in musketry and armed with primitive matchlock firearms– had to be heavily drilled by master instructors in a regimented process to ensure their length… Read More

How to pick the best gun safe without pulling out your hair

The road to picking the best gun safe for your needs is dotted with confusing ratings, claims and sometimes outright lies, but if you slow down and do your homework, you can navigate your way and in the end speed past those who got suckered. Why are you getting a safe? First off, identify what is driving you to look for a way to secure your guns. There are no current federal standards for locking devices or gun safes while… Read More

Regular firearm maintenance: How often to clean a gun

No matter how much money you spend on a carefully selected gun, poor upkeep and preservation can leave the lackluster firearms enthusiast ill-prepared when the chips are down. Going back to medieval times, feudal lords kept a stockpile of swords and polearms such as bills, pikes, and halberds on hand to protect the fiefdom in the event of war, issuing them out to the local militia or shire levy when the drums beat, and the smoke rose. To keep track… Read More

Keeping it working: What is the best gun oil for general use?

Any machine on a long enough timeline will break, but one that is clean, properly lubricated and protected will outlast those that aren’t on any given day– and firearms are no different. The problem is, in a crowded world of product out there, which one is ideal for your purposes and your gun? Let us look at that. Manufacturer’s guidelines The typical official sop from gun makers when it comes to recommended lube is “to use a product that is… Read More

The ongoing search for the best gun for home defense

The prescription for the ideal tool to defend one’s home and hearth from that which goes bump in the night is one that has constantly evolved over time– one that has many pitfalls and a few bright options to fill the bill. Since prehistoric times, when ancient man sought out the strongest tree limb or best chip of granite to keep in his cave at night for safeguarding against “the others,” he was always on the move about the world… Read More

The rust war: Storing your firearm collection against time and the elements

When it comes to basic gun storage– protecting against everything from corrosion to scratches for the long haul– there are a few tricks you can use to will leave your firearms ready when you need them while your neglectful neighbor finds his full of rust. Back in the days of the Colonial and Frontier eras, it used to be that guns were made of hand-hewed wooden furniture and blacksmith-wrought iron and steels. To protect them from the elements, they were… Read More

Bring enough belt: Belt choices to keep up with your concealed carry lifestyle

Key in the carry of a handgun or other self-defense tool about your person in daily activity is the ability to consistently deploy it in an emergency, and among those woefully unprepared for this are the guys with bad belt choices. Why rely on a belt? Let’s face it, revolvers and pistols are heavy. With a few exceptions for tiny “mouse guns” that are designed from the outset for pocket carry (NAA Mini Revolver, we are talking to you), even… Read More

Hand gunning with a handbag: Using a purse for concealed carry

Purse carry, as with just about any other off-body carry, is not ideal as it has its pitfalls but can work in some circumstances with the proper amount of preparation. Why purse carry? Lots of women wear close-fitting or tapered clothes that can preclude comfortable concealed carry of a handgun in such a way that it remains hidden and easily accessible in a deadly force encounter. This leads to either purse or off-body carry in a bag, or, worse, leaving… Read More

6 Tactical yet practical standalone flashlight techniques

While weapon mounted lights are increasingly the norm, carrying around a broad selection of low/no-light shooting skills in your toolbox will keep you well-lit in even the darkest of situations. Going back to the era of the old town watch of Colonial times, which employed men who were armed with a sword or polearm and a lantern, it has always been preferable for those wandering about in sometime perilous conditions to have both a weapon for self-defense and some portable… Read More