Clean, Disassemble, Optimize
Tac44 customers understand the importance of mastering their guns. Our products help
gun enthusiasts disassemble, clean, optimize, and organize their firearms.
Gun Cleaning Kit
2-in-1 Gun Cleaning Kit
  • 9 PIECE GRIP ROLL PIN PUNCH SET: Help to Drive Out or Insert Solid Pins
  • 5 PIECE GUN CLEANING SET: Includes 3 Double-Ended Brushes and 2 Double-Ended Picks Help to Clean Small Parts and Hard-to-Reach Areas
  • ZIPPERED TOOL ORGANIZER POUCH: Keeps Everything Neatly Organized and Easy to Use!
  • 2 SETS IN ONE: This is the only Product on the Market with Both Sets Together!
  • SPECIALLY DESIGNED: Tool Pouch, Tools, Picks and Brushes Have All Been Tested and Chosen to be the Best on the Market!
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Gun Mat with Glock Diagram & Glock Compatible Disassembly Punch Tool
  • Clear and easy to understand illustration of a disassembled Glock on the mat
  • Mat's premium-grade non-slip back minimizes chance of your gun slipping during cleaning
  • Armorer's disassbemly tool (Glock Compatible) is made of metal with flat-sided leverage grip, made to last a lifetime
  • Free E-book gives expert advice on where to hide your gun in a crisis
  • Easy wash and care keeps your mat in excellent condition for a lifetime of use
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Glock Mat
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A lot of people are unsure where they stand on guns these days. At Tac44 where are 100% sure where we stand. Owning a firearm is not only a constitutional right, but it is also our obligation as Americans to be able to defend ourselves and our families.

We do our best everyday to educate our friends, family, suppliers and community about the merits of safe, responsible gun ownership.
Gun Mat with Glock Diagram & Glock Compatible Disassembly Punch Tool
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